Covid-19 Protocols

I am happy to receive all new and returning clients. I do ask that you wear a mask while entering the building, and at any points while your face-up during your massage. When your face-down however,  feel free to remove the mask temporarily, for your comfort.

I will be wearing a mask for the entire duration of the treatment. I am also taking extra precautions in sanitizing and disinfecting by ensuring all surfaces, fabrics and equipment are cleaned between each clients appointment.

If you feel at all unwell, feverish or have a sore throat I encourage you to reschedule your appointment for another time.


      At Kelly Dawn Massage Therapy, I'm here to help you with any pains, tension or areas of concern you might have in your day-to-day life. I do that by communicating with you about exactly what the issue is, when it pains you the most, why it pains you during specific movements or tasks, and together we work to get you back to functioning fully, without restrictions.

​       We work together to create a customized treatment plan that focuses on your specific needs. This massage plan can include pain relief through massage, range of motion exercises, muscle tension relief and overall health and wellness.

       Let my 5 years of experience speak for itself. I am firm believer that no one should have to live with their pain. It doesn't have to be "just the way I am now". Everyone deserves to live a pain-free, fully mobile lifestyle, and not be restricted by old injuries. Book an appointment today and let me work together with you, and your muscle tissue, to get you pain-free and fully functional.



​                                  Direct Billing Available

                        See Treatments for more details



Kelly Dawn Unruh

              Massage Therapy is more than just relaxation and stress relief. The benefits to overall health and daily function include increased mobility, decreased pain, improved anxiety and lessened muscle tension. My goal with you is to help provide relief from pain, and establish an environment and wellness plan that can get you back to fully functioning, pain-free.

              I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2016 after graduating from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. Saskatoon has been my home my entire life, and I love to be able to provide my community with the relaxation and tension relief everyone deserves. Currently I practice Swedish Deep Tissue Massage with focus on relaxation, stress relief, improved functionality and overall pain relief.

             I was drawn to Massage Therapy because I find it satisfying to provide relief to people that have 'tried everything' and are just looking for something that will get improve their chronic pain or muscle tension. I get a deep satisfaction knowing that I helped to remove or lessen a pain that someone might have had for months or years.



Deep-tissue/Relaxation massage

Choose between either a Swedish Deep tissue massage, a relaxation massage or a combination of both. Our time will be spent focusing on areas that cause pain, restricted mobility and general tension.

30 Minute Massage

45 Minute Massage

1 Hour (60 Min)

1 Hour and 15 (75 Min) Massage


1 Hour and a Half (90 Min) Massage


Postural and Gait Assessment

+ Massage

A series of tests that analyze your posture, gait (the way you walk), areas of pressure when walking or sitting, and proper sitting techniques. This is followed by a 1 hour massage that focuses on the areas we found that might be affecting movement. Following the massage is a detailed and thorough discussion of our findings and the creation of a personalized wellness package to improve functionality going forward.

1 Hour and a Half (90 Min)


Face and Scalp Massage

A relaxing half hour treatment focused on the face, neck, head and scalp to promote stress relief, reduce anxiety and combat insomnia.

A Half Hour (30 Min)




Direct Billing Available for the following insurers:

       Blue Cross

       Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance





       Desjardins Insurance


        Equitable Life

       First Canadian

       Great-West Life



        Industrial Alliance  

        Johnson Inc.

        Johnston Group Inc


       Manulife Financial

       Maximum Benefit



       Sunlife Financial


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of relaxation! With a gift certificate you can show your appreciation

to the individuals in your life that allows them to de-stress and unwind.

These certificates are perfect for a(n):

  • Anniversary

  • Birthday

  • Retirement

  • Thank You

  • Employee Recognition

  • Holiday

For any questions or more information about gift certificates

please email:


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the benefits of massage?

        Massage Therapy can be beneficial to a wide variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, muscle soreness or fatigue, pregnancy, sports injuries, car accidents and various autoimmune or degenerative diseases.

2.  How often should I get a massage?

         Massage can be as frequent as you'd like, as long as there is a period of preferably 48 hours between sessions to let your muscles heal and rejuvenate after the stimulation of the muscle tissues. Typically getting a massage every 4-6 weeks is the most beneficial as it maintains ideal muscle and tissue maintenance.

3.  What areas of my body are worked on during a massage?

          The regions of your body massaged during an appointment is entirely up to you. We discuss which areas are causing discomfort or pain, and work together to create a customized treatment plan to focus on your specific needs.

4.  Do people usually feel sore after a massage?

           You can feel muscle soreness after a massage depending on how deep your therapist works into the tissues and how your muscles generally respond to stimulation. This soreness usually dissipates after a day or two, and drinking 2-3 glasses of water after your massage can help to alleviate these symptoms.

5.  Is there any age restrictions on who can get a massage?

            Not at all. Massage can benefit anyone from children to the elderly.

6.  Is it generally silent during a massage?

            That depends on personal preference. Some people prefer little to no conversation during their massage, while others enjoy discussing their day or inquiring about the treatment. I usually play music during a massage for background noise, and am open to requests for people's individual music preference.

7.  Do I have to remove my clothing for massage?

            You do not have to remove any clothing if it makes you uncomfortable to do so. That being said, massage is more beneficial without the restrictive barrier that clothing provides. At all times during a massage, you are draped with a sheet and blanket, and only the areas currently being worked on are uncovered. You also dress and undress in complete privacy, and I will step away until you are ready.

8.  What can I expect in my first massage?

             For the first massage, I have you fill out an online intake form that I email ahead of time. The form just asks standard health history questions and gives you a chance to provide any additional information about the reason for your treatment. Depending on what your areas of concern are and what ailments you may have will determine the goals of the treatment.

9.  Is massage therapy covered through insurance and do you direct bill?

             Yes, the majority of health insurance plans include massage therapy. I offer direct billing for certain insurers which can be found in the 'Treatments' section. Please note that these must be group insurance plans to direct bill (A group insurance plan is any plan you get through your work/career). If direct billing is not set up for your specific insurer than I can still print or email you a receipt for your treatment, that you can submit and be reimbursed by your insurer at a later date.

10. Are there any circumstances in which I should not get a massage?

             The only reason to not receive a massage is if you are sick. If you have a cold/flu, nausea, diarrhea, fever or contagious skin infection, than it would be preferred that you seek out massage when you are feeling better. With some conditions it might be required to avoid specific areas or techniques. If this a concern of yours be sure to contact your physician for approval.

11. What if I have to cancel my appointment? (**These policies have become more lenient with Covid 19 protocols)

              It's perfectly fine to cancel your massage appointment if your suddenly unable to make the scheduled time. However, I do require at least 24 hours notice. If not given sufficient notice of cancellation I will charge the full price of the missed appointment. The online booking application makes it simple to log into your account to change or reschedule appointments easily. You can also call and leave a voicemail to cancel your appointment and you will not be charged.




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